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** All Training Suspended until later in 2020 **

Netball Queensland COVID-19: Community Netball

From today, Netball Queensland wishes to advise the following guidelines for all community netball competitions.

In the interests of public health and to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is the recommendation of Netball Queensland that all community netball activity in Queensland be suspended until Monday 20th April.  This includes all playing, training and grading. Netball Queensland understands some Associations and Clubs have already made this decision.

While this is an unfortunate disruption to the commencement of the netball season, Netball Queensland believes a consistent approach is key to protecting our netball community from the very challenging COVID-19 situation.

It is important to note this is an interim suspension of competition and not a cancellation. 

Netball Queensland understands the benefits of our community being active and by making this decision now, believes we can all be back on the court sooner than if we delay.  

Mixed Netball Season 1 2020

Online registration for the Mixed Netball 2020 Season 1 is open! 

Games commence Thursday 20th of Feburary 6:30pm. 

Get your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues involved in the best mixed netball in Samford! 

All skills levels are welcomed, ages 16+.


$170 individually all inclusive or $1250 for a full team, available once full has team registered

Contact Convenor for more information on social@samfordnetball.org.au 

Register Now

Why play Netball?

Anyone can play netball, at any pace, anywhere. You definitely don’t realise you’re doing exercise, you just notice one day that you’re not out of breath any more. It’s also a fact that there’s no better way to meet people and make good friends than playing netball.

Everyone knows that playing sport is good for you physically. It gets you outside and away from the internet & screen-based activities –TVs, computers and devices

There are certain immediate health benefits, and very signifcant long-term benefits from playing a team sport like netball can have.

In the long term being physically active can reduce the risk of developing health problems further down the track including osteoporosis, breast cancer and heart disease.

If that isn’t enough, people who play netball also tend to do better academically, are more likely to graduate well from high school and have greater career success.

Being a member of a netball team teaches skills that the people take with them into their wider worlds of school and work. Beyond the obvious team work, people also learn to deal with adversity through loses or injuries, how to problem-solve more effectively, as well as how to push themselves to improve their skills. These skills are eagerly sought in the workplace, with many employers keen to hire people who have participated in team sports.

So don't delay and join a Samford Netball team today – you will be glad you did.

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